The CrossLead Platform transforms teamwork by serving as the central location for leaders and front line employees to understand the direction of team strategy and how everyone's work contributes to the mission of the organization. 

Crucial to connecting strategy and execution is enabled by integrating the sources of data that provide insight into your business. Spreadsheets, dashboards, email/calendar, and project management tracking software all contain data which can be visualized and connected through the CrossLead Platform. This allows leaders to run and manage their business in one location.

Below is an overview of CrossLead's current adapters. If you have an interest in turning on any of these adapters, contact us through the Chat button in the bottom right!

Office 365 Email and Calendar

  • Company-wide set up
  • Exchange Web Services
  • Exchange ActiveSync

Google Apps Email and Calendar

  • G Suite for Business
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar

Slack Integration

CrossLead API

Custom Built

We offer our enterprise clients the opportunity to partner with our engineering teams to bring over data from their custom applications. The data types we support:

  • Human Resources and Demographic data on teams and individuals
  • Projects' qualitative data like start/end dates, descriptions, owners, and status
  • KPIs/Metrics of quantitative data
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