Example Templates make creating a Plan even easier. Choosing a template will fill out a Plan with connected Items. This is a great option if you need some inspiration or want to see an example. 

To create a Plan from a template, go to the Plans page. Click the “Create New” button and then choose “Example Template” as the method of Plan creation. 

Next, you will have the option to choose a planning framework: CrossLead or OKRs. 

You can add teammates to help accomplish the Plan. These can be users in CrossLead or new teammates which you can invite via email. 

Give the Plan a title. 

Once you press the “Save Plan” button, the Plan will be in edit mode. Items in edit mode can be edited in line and new Items can be created. 

To edit an Item, click on an Item tile to edit the title. The action (…) button provides more options including changing the owner and editing Item details. 

To create a new Item, click into a placeholder tile in the Plan, give the Item a title and press save. 


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