“Too many meetings” is the rallying cry of today’s workforce. One way in which CrossLead helps companies reduce the amount of time spent in meetings is by implementing a Keystone Forum: a weekly or bi-weekly meeting that is intended to create Shared Consciousness by focusing on key interdependent learnings and operational accountability. This one meeting will help to eliminate the need for one-off meetings between company leaders and specific team leaders. The Keystone Forum is where leaders are directly connected to the source of the information rather than endure the game of telephone where information is often misconstrued and decision-making is too slow to keep up with the modern operating environment. For example, during the Keystone Forum, the CEO of a media company speaks to 450 employees from across divisions and shares that she is concerned with customer cancellations after the recent publication of a news article that called into question the political agenda of the company. A lower-level employee listening to the CEO’s concerns has been working with customer test groups on their receptiveness of three different responses to this negative press, one of which had received excellent feedback. Hearing the CEO’s concern, the employee unmutes their line to offer the possible solution. One week later the response was instituted across all divisions of the media company. The Keystone Forum is designed for leaders to communicate clear guidance and intent so that employees of all levels can understand context around the key business priorities and what is top of mind for company leadership.  

An effective Keystone Forum will accomplish the following goals: 

Increased focus on keybusiness priorities 

  • Identify risks in real time
  • Connect leadership directly to the sources of information 
  • Facilitate Empowered Execution by discussing the internal and external operating environment with decision makers at all levels
  • Foster cross-functional discussion amongst teams to identify issues and dependencies 
  • Eliminate redundant meetings 
  • Reinforce Common Purpose and re-align the organization towards the company’s key priorities 
  • Learn and scale best practices and reinforce shared learnings

Leverage CrossLead Presentations to streamline the Keystone Forum.

Many organizations will use precious time developing PowerPoints for internal meetings. Instead, use the CrossLead Platform to prepare for and facilitate internal meetings and notice the following improvements: 

  • Efficient meeting preparation by dragging in existing Insights for review into the Presentation
  • Focused meeting discussion around the business priorities by placing the various Plans or lines of effort in the Presentation accompanied by the most recent Insight, status, and risk
  • Increased transparency and reduced “sugar-coating” on the status or progress of key lines of effort and any potential risks
  • A single source of truth that houses all historical Presentations for easy access
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