Utilize the Newsfeeds to stay up to date with new and important information in one convenient place. Our Newsfeeds allow for cross-functional alignment and teamwork by aggregating shared information. 

Types of Newsfeeds

There are two types of Newsfeeds: the Org Newsfeed and My Newsfeed. Both Newsfeeds are located in the Home area of CrossLead.

When you first navigate to Home via the top navigation bar, you will land on the Org Newsfeed. The Org Newsfeed is an aggregated view of all Insights that have been shared by teammates throughout your organization. 

The My Newsfeed tab is a personalized feed of all Insights on Plans and Items that you are involved in.

Your CrossLead Profile 

On each tab within Home, you will see a mini user profile on the left side of the page. This contains a quick link to your full user profile as well as usage data reflecting your CrossLead activity from the past 7 days. 

Sorting the Org Newsfeed

The Org Newsfeed has two sort order options: 

  • Most Recent
  • Top Insights 

The default sort order for the Org Newsfeed is Most Recent, which sorts the Org Newsfeed chronologically, ordering Insights from most recently shared or edited to least recently shared or edited. 

The Top Insights sort option applies an algorithm to surface more relevant Insights closer to the top of your feed. This algorithm looks at all of the Insights from the past 2 weeks and surfaces those with the most comments as well as those on Items that are marked as priorities in Plans. This allows you to quickly consume the most important information at any given time. 

Filtering the Newsfeeds 

On the right side of either Newsfeed, you will see a Filters section. This includes two categories of quick filters: Filter by Trending Tags and Filter by Items. The trending tags are those tags that have been added to the most Insights by users in the past 14 days. Click any of these trending tags to filter the Newsfeed and see all Insights associated with that tag. 

If you have prioritized Items on your Items landing page, those will also appear in this quick filter section on the right-hand side of the page. Clicking on one of those Items will filter the Newsfeed by all Insights associated with that Item. This is a quick and easy way to understand recent activity on your highest priority Items. 

You can apply more advanced filters to the Newsfeed by clicking on the filter icon to the left of the search bar. This will open a pop-up with the following filter options: 

  1. User – displays all Insights created by that particular user 
  2. Insight Tags shows all Insights on which that tag appears 
  3. Linked Item shows all Insights shared on that particular Item
  4. Linked Plandisplays all Insights shared on that Plan and on Items linked within the Plan 

The pop-up shown above allows you to search for and select one or more of those filters and apply them to the Newsfeed to customize your discovery experience. 

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