You can now tag your Insights to further categorize and connect information cross-functionally across Plans and Items.

Tags can be added within Insights to identify a keyword or topic of interest associated with that Insight. This facilitates a search for that tag later on. Whenever a user adds a tag to their Insight, it becomes searchable and discoverable by other users. 

Tagging an Insight

First, locate the Tags field near the bottom of the "Share an Insight" form on your Plan or Item.

You can either search for and select an existing tag or create a new tag. To create a new tag, simply type the keyword you would like to use and select it in the dropdown that appears. 

When an Insight is shared with one or more tags, the tags appear at the bottom of the Insight and are clickable, as shown below. 

Viewing Insights Associated with a Tag

There are a few different ways you can view all Insights associated with a particular tag. 

1. Clicking on the tag in any Insight from any location in CrossLead

This will take you to the Org Newsfeed filtered by that tag, allowing you to see a feed of all Insights associated with the tag. 

2. Searching for a tag in the global search bar

You can search for a tag from anywhere in CrossLead by entering the keyword into the global search field in the top navigation bar. Once you have found the tag you are looking for, click it in the search results dropdown. 

Like clicking on the tag in an Insight, searching for a tag will take you to the Org Newsfeed filtered by that particular tag. 

3. Filtering the Newsfeed by one or more tags

Finally, you can explore tags and their associated Insights by going directly to the Newsfeeds and filtering by the tags of your choice.

To do this, click Home in the top navigation bar. You will land on the Org Newsfeed, which is an aggregated view of all Insights that have been shared by teammates throughout your organization. 

On the right side of the page, you will see a Filter by Trending Tags section. These are the tags that have been added to the most Insights by users in the past 14 days. Click any of these trending tags to filter the Newsfeed and see all Insights associated with that tag. 

You can filter the Newsfeed by more than one tag at a time by clicking on the filter icon on in the upper right corner of that same section. This will open the Newsfeed Settings pop-up, shown below. 

Click here to learn more about customizing your discovery experience in the Newsfeeds. 

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