When you and your teammates use the Daily List in Activities to plan and prioritize your task-based work, you are prompted to allocate and confirm time spent on each task. 

When you check off tasks in your day to complete them, that time is logged against the Project that the task is linked to. If the task is a personal task, it will be aggregated into a personal bucket. 

There are two ways to consume data about how you are spending time on a aggregate level: 

  1. In the User Profile 
  2. By creating a Time Analysis Dashboard panel 

Consuming Activity time data in the User Profile: 

First, navigate to your User Profile by clicking on your user icon in the top-right corner of the navigation bar: 

Note: to navigate to another person's profile, simply search for and select their name in the global search bar. 

Next, click the "Insights" tab in the User Profile: 

Here, you will see three types of charts: 

  1. Time Spent on Projects 
  2. Time Spent against Plans
  3. Time on Tasks versus Events 

You can explore this data by toggling the date range in the date picker in the top right, or by clicking the download button on each panel to export the data to CSV.

Creating time analysis Dashboard panels:

You can also create custom time analysis charts based on the your desired time breakdowns. 

First, click Home in the top navigation bar and then click the Dashboards tab. Next, click the "+ new panel" button in the top right corner of the page.

In the pop-up that appears, select "Time Analysis" as the panel type. 

You will be given three options for panel type: Time Spent by Project, Time Spent on Tasks vs. Events, and Custom. 

Select the panel type that you wish to create and proceed through the workflow. You will be prompted to select a user, Project, Plan, or Activity for which you want to see time data. 

*Note*: If you had dashboard panels in existence prior to July 29, 2019, they may have been automatically resized due to layout changes in the Dashboards tab. Simply drag to resize and rearrange if desired.

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