There are a few ways you can add and invite your teammates to join you in CrossLead: 

  1. During Plan creation 
  2. On an existing Plan
  3. On an existing Item 

During Plan Creation

The final step of new Plan creation is the "Teammates" step, shown below. Here you can invite colleagues to collaborate with you on your new Plan. 

To invite a teammate to view and edit your Plan, simply type their email address into the "Invite New Teammates" field. To invite multiple teammates, you will need to separate their email addresses using a comma. 

When you are finished entering email addresses, make sure to click the "Invite" button next to the field. Those teammates will then receive an email inviting them to join you in CrossLead.

On an Existing Plan or Item

Simply invite a teammate to collaborate with you on an existing Plan or an Item. In order to add a colleague to CrossLead, you will just need their work email address. 

First, navigate to a Plan or an Item that you own, and find the Editors or Participants section on the right-hand side of the page. Next, click the "edit" button.

A pop-up will appear with a list of current Participants and a typeahead for adding new Participants. 

To add a new user to your Project and to CrossLead, type their work email address into the text field. Once you have finished typing their email address, be sure to click The "Invite” button to the right of the text field. Next, click the "Save" button in the lower right to close the pop-up and return to the Item page. 

Once you do so, they will receive an email inviting them to activate their account in CrossLead. 

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