We have introduced a complementary list view where you can prioritize Projects across the Plan—from the smallest initiative, to the highest-level company-wide objective. 

Different Projects in a Plan can be more important than others depending on where you are in the lifespan of a Plan. To indicate which Projects are priorities at a given time, you can now prioritize Projects in the context of an individual Plan. This will help indicate to team members where they should be focusing their efforts in the near term.

To prioritize a Project in a Plan, first navigate to the Plan in question and select the “Project List” view in the Plan Overview tab.

If this is the first time you are prioritizing Projects on a Plan you will see a list of all the Projects that are linked to the Plan.

To designate priorities for the Plan, click the “Edit” button to enter edit mode. Check any of the checkboxes in the “Prioritized” column to move the corresponding Projects from the “Not Prioritized” section up into the “Prioritized” area.

Once you have prioritized Projects, they can be reordered to designate relative priority by dragging the Projects up or down in the list.

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