Plan frameworks help create a standard format for organizing and creating Plans. CrossLead allows you to use the planning framework that best fits your needs, from OKRs to our proven CrossLead framework.

Many teams have adopted a singular strategic framework to make the building of Plans across the organization easier. Other teams need specific functional frameworks different from other Plans that best capture their unique working structures or operations. 

The planning framework will define the structure of your Plan Hierarchy. Every Plan Hierarchy includes the option for free-text Mission/Vision/Value statements, but the hierarchical layers of the Plan can differ based on the framework you select or customize. 

When you create a new Plan, you will be prompted to select the framework for your Plan on the second step of creation. CrossLead offers the following planning framework options: 

  1. CrossLead 
  2. OKRs 
  3. Custom 
  4. Org Default 

CrossLead Framework

Our validated CrossLead planning framework is structured hierarchically with Objectives, Strategies, and Initiatives. It allows teams to dictate a plan of action for how their goals will be achieved. The CrossLead framework provides a way to continuously track progress towards a team’s greatest aspirations.

OKR Framework

The OKR planning framework stands for “Objectives and Key Results”. It was originally introduced by Andy Grove at Intel and popularized at Google. Objectives are clearly-defined goals, and Key Results are the specific measures indicating success of each Objective.

Custom Framework

If your team or organization leverages its own unique framework for planning, you can create that framework by selecting the “Custom” option on the “Choose a Planning Framework” step. 

The Custom option is available when you select one of the following methods of Plan creation on the previous step: 

  • Setup Wizard 
  • Import via Excel 
  • Import Existing Items 

If you choose Custom, you will be taken through a workflow to define the number of layers in your Plan, the labels for those layers, and description text for each layer. 

Custom frameworks can have up to 5 layers underneath the optional Mission/Vision/Values statement(s).

Org Default

Admin users can set a custom framework as the “Org Default” framework to appear for users to select as a planning framework during creation.

To do so, go to Plans and select “Plan Template Management" on the right-hand side of the page. Click “Set Org Template” to customize your framework and set it as the Org Default.  

Post-Creation of the Plan

Once your Plan has been created, you can always adjust your layers and plan framework if necessary. Add new layers by clicking the "+" button show below. 

Edit the names and definitions of existing layers or delete a layer by hovering over the layer name and clicking the "Edit Layer" button. 

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