Often when building your Plan, you'll want to capture all of the work that you and your team have underway. This way, you'll have the building blocks to build a comprehensive Plan. However, you may build out all of your work in the Plan Hierarchy and realize that all of the Items should be linked to an overarching mission, objective, or goal. 

Rather than dissembling all of the linkages and branches that you have created, use this tip to insert a single objective for all of your other Items to sit underneath.

Step 1. In the Plan Hierarchy editor, click the "+" button to create a new layer 

Step 2. In the top layer of your Plan (the one furthest left), create a new top Item that all others will roll up to

You can do this by clicking and typing in the placeholder tile in the layer, by clicking "link existing Item" to search for and insert an existing Item, or by dragging an Item from another layer in your Plan. 

Step 3. Drag and drop your other Items on top of your new top Objective (The previously lowest level Items will fill the new layer that you made in Step 1)

You can drag Items with dependencies on top of the new Objective, and the Item and all of its dependencies will come over. 

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