Use the Activities tab inside of each Project to view, edit, and delegate the tasks related to that Project. It's a great way to run a standup or scrum meeting and keep the team aligned to the tactical Activities that need to be completed to ensure a Project's success.

1. Use the dropdown menu (the default is 'Incomplete Tasks') to toggle through the various stages of tasks that are linked to this Project. Note that all tasks are currently sorted by recent activity. Use the 'Show By' dropdown to change the sort to a task's due date or alphabetically by task title. 

2. Add a task to this Project by clicking the "Add Task" box.

3. Use the 'More' button on the far right of each task tile to bring up the action menu for each task.

4. Additionally, double click on a task tile to bring up the details of the task on the right-hand side of the screen.

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