CrossLead is a planning tool that aligns your team by creating transparency around common goals. 

The Plans feature in CrossLead enables leaders and teams to quickly create, edit, and visualize the progress against their Plans. To create a new Plan, go to the 'Plans' section of CrossLead and click the orange 'Create New’ button.

Method of Plan Creation 

First, you will be prompted to choose the process you’d like to use to create your Plan. We offer the following options for different use cases: 

  1. Setup Wizard - The Setup Wizard is a step-by-step walkthrough for creating a Plan. This guide provides definitions of each Plan layer and other tips for creating the best Plan possible. To learn more about the Setup Wizard, click here
  2. Quick Start - Quick Start is best for experienced CrossLead users who want to start planning as quickly as possible. By choosing this option, you will be dropped into edit mode of a blank Plan.
  3. Example Template - Example Templates are a great option if you want to start with a sample Plan as a guide. You can then edit the Plan Items or create new Items within the Plan. To learn more about example templates, click here
  4. Import via Excel - Download, populate, and import our Excel template to quickly and easily create Items in your Plan. To learn more about importing via Excel, click here
  5. Import Existing Items – This option allows you to select and import existing CrossLead Items into your new Plan. To learn more about importing existing items, click here

Choose a Planning Framework

Next, you will be prompted to select a framework for your Plan. The framework dictates the structure of the hierarchical visualization in which you can organize goals and outline dependencies. 

CrossLead offers the following planning framework options: 

  1. CrossLead 
  2. OKRs 
  3. Custom 
  4. Org Default 

To learn more about these planning frameworks, click here

After choosing a framework for your Plan, you will be taken through a flow corresponding to the method of Plan creation you chose. 

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