Metrics Center is where your metrics can be created, edited, and managed across all Projects in your organization. 

Projects can connect to metrics in order to create a quantifiable measure of success, progress, or impact upon important key results. To learn more about creating good metrics click here.

On the primary page of the Metrics Center you can:

  • Create and edit metrics
  • Bulk Import
  • Search for metrics
  • See pinned & recently viewed metrics

Create & Editing Metrics

Click on '+Click New Metric' in the top right corner to open the creation modal. You'll be required to enter a name, the Project that it should be linked to (coming soon will be the ability to make a metric without entering a Project), the current value of the metric, and the format of the number.

While most will select today's date for the Metric date, if you wish to enter historical data, you can click the Excel Importer button if you have your data in CSV files. 

Finally, all metrics require a target as this helps tell teammates the direction in which you are trying to move this metric. This will also affect the risk color associated with the metric. If it's below the target, it will show as red - if above, it will be green.

Bulk Import

This will open the csv-formatted spreadsheet import page. 


Metrics Center is the only place where you can search for other metrics. Currently, the search function will query by title. You can add an additional filter, by using the Plan option at the top.

Pinned/Recent Metrics

Pin metrics that you wish to monitor on a regular basis so that you can can view their values without having to dive into Projects or find which Project has the metric you are interested in viewing or updating.

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