You’ll be excited to know that we have released CrossLead’s latest and greatest version, our ninth major release. Packed into this release are new updates to notifications, a brand new Metrics Center, and Search enhancements. Read on to see all the details!

  • A new notifications dropdown in the Global Navigation Bar that centralizes all of your notifications in one spot, allowing you to quickly jump to the exact project or team that needs your attention. Additionally, we’ve added more granular settings to configure your notifications.
  • Metrics Center is a brand new section of our platform to centralize the management of quantitative metrics. Previously, metrics could be managed from Admin, but now see all your metrics in one place under the ‘More’ menu.
  • Search has new capabilities and improved search results. Get more relevant results and extra context about your search matches and see your recent search results in the same list for quick access. 

For more details, access the CrossLead Help Center here

Other updates:

  • New Help Center link in the top Navigation bar
  • Enhanced Team Plan UI shows when your project has been archived, deleted, or unlinked
  • New filter option for activities to see Roadblocked Tasks
  • Time Zone Preference can be set to manual for frequent flyers
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