Item Insights in the CrossLead Platform allow team members to report on the progress of completion, status, and overall health of the Item. These Insights impact the objectives and goals of the Plan. 

Item Owners and Platform Administrators can create and edit custom fields for Insights on Items in the CrossLead Platform. This customization improves the consistency of information reported by the participants across Plans and Items, and the overall organization.  

Custom fields can also be altered for specific presentations in order for the most critical categories of information to be reviewed and discussed with stakeholders. 

Custom fields can be accessed by clicking the Action Icon within the Share an Insight button on the Item Insights page. 

After selecting the Customize Insight option you will prompted to label, order, and format fields for your Item's Insights. 

These fields, when saved, will replace the previous title and Insight fields that appeared in the form. 

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