Item Insights in the CrossLead Platform can be enhanced by the inclusion of Risk, Metrics and Percentage of completion, depending on the type of work being executed. 

Users are able to select different status types for their Items by clicking the gear icon in the right-hand corner of the Item, and then selecting "Status Settings". 

In the modal that appears, you'll notice a Status Type dropdown as well as checkboxes to turn off Risk or to turn off Progress for your Item. 

There are 3 Status Types that can be chosen for your Item. Every Item defaults to a Manual status type.

"Manual" Status Type 

  • This status type is the most flexible. It allows users to opt into or hide Percentage of Completion, Risk and/ or Metrics, as they deem appropriate for their Item.  
  • Users can opt into having Percentage of Completion, Risk and Metrics appear in the update creation process in order to make changes to their values.

"Metric" Status Type

  • This status type connects the value of an Item's Metric to the Item's Risk. If the Metric is not on target, the Item will not have a Green "On Track" Risk type. 
  • The Percentage of Completion is hidden by default, because the metric value indicates the health of the Item's intended outcomes over the lifespan of the Item.
  • Metrics can be shown on the Item tile and in Insights, so that the Metric value can be updated when the user is updating qualitative details.

"None" Status Type 

  • This status type hides Percentage of Completion and Risk. Neither field will be available on the Item, but metrics are still able to be linked to the Item and edited while creating Insights on the Item. 

How to show a metric on your Item tile in a Plan: 

  • Go the Metrics Page of your Item. Select "Metrics Settings" in the top right corner. Select your preferences from the available drop-downs. This will allow a metric to be shown on the Item tile.

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