Plans are groups of linked Items that define a team's strategic priorities. They are often organized around a business unit or function, but can be comprised of Items that support cross-functional goals.

Plans centralize the consumption of Insights for all of the Items that are critical to a particular strategic Plan. 

Plans is also the area where teams and individuals can share critical operational information on the progress of the strategy overall. 

Why Plans matter:

  1. The Plan Priorities tab is a feature that leaders can utilize to make strategic decisions about the priority level of Items within their Plan. They are able to analyze the risk and percentage of completion within the context of other working Items.
  2. The Plan Hierarchy can be used to host planning forums on the next steps required to impact metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to Items.
  3. This area of the tool drives individuals on a team towards common goals and objectives, as well as defines accountability through Item ownership.
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