Insights made on Plans or Items are shared in the Insights tab as well as in the Newsfeed tabs of Home. The purpose is for Participants to better understand the related changes and connections across groups and individuals thereby improving common purpose and shared consciousness. 

To share a new Insight, go to the Insights tab of the particular Plan or Item that you would like to update. Next, click the "Share an Insight" button: 

You will see a form with the following fields: 

  • Title: This should be a concise summary of the information you are about to provide in your Insight. Consider using Bottom-line Up-front (BLUF) - a communication technique in which the most critical piece of information is provided first. 
  • Risk (Items Only): This risk selector will appear only on Items that have Risk set. If that is the case, you will have the option to choose between No Risk (blue), On Track (green), Some Risk (yellow), or High Risk (Red). 
  • Progress (Items Only): This progress bar will only appear on Items that have Progress set. If that is the case, you will have the option to choose a percentage to completion between 0 - 100%. 
  • Insight: This is the body text of the informational update you are providing on the Plan or Item. You can use the rich text formatting to format your Insight. 
  • Tags: Tags can be added to an Insight to identify a keyword or topic of interest that further categorizes that Insight. This facilitates a search for that tag later on. 
  • Attachments: Files can be uploaded to your Insight from an external source. They will then be aggregated in the Shared Files portion of the Item and Plan asides. 

Learn more about writing an informative Insight here

Once an Insight has been created, they can also be shared to other Items or to Presentations by using the share icon at the bottom right of the Insight:

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