Projects are discrete units of work that teams execute and manage in order to achieve or impact the strategic objectives and goals w­ithin a Plan. 

Projects in the CrossLead Platform are designed to:

-- Enable Project Owners and Participants to share information about their work
-- Revise and understand contextual details about the Project like purpose, scope, milestones, phases, purpose and overall impact
Insights page

-- Examine the impact that the Project has on key performance indicators
Location: Metrics page

-- Manage and oversee the linked tasks of all Project Participants
Location: Activities page

-- Understand how the Project is related and linked to other Projects across the organization
Location: Linkages page

Why Projects matter:

  1. Projects allow individuals to collaborate with one another by sharing critical information and learnings in Insights. This increases the shared understanding for individuals across an organization of the ongoing work that is being executed.    
  2. Based on risk, progress, and Metric changes to the Projects, leaders in the organization have quick access to make strategic decisions about resources, tactics and methods necessary to impact the goals and objectives on Plans.  
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