The CrossLead Platform connects Strategy, Execution and Performance. 

There are four main areas in the platform that can be found in the top Navigation Bar: 

Home: The Home area includes an individual Newsfeed and an org-wide Newsfeed. Here, the individual can see an aggregate of Insights from across the organization and gain shared consciousness. It also includes a Dashboards tab in which you can create custom panels with charts, graphs, and embeds.

Plans are groups of linked Items executing on complex strategic plans
My Plans: Plans that you own or are an Editor of
All Plans: Other Plans in your organization

Items: Items are the components of a team's strategic Plan
My Items: Items that you own or participate in
All Items: Other Items in your organization

This area provides users with access to Presentations

Other significant areas and controls in the platform include: 

Global Search: Returns relevant Plans, Items, Presentations, and users based on the keyword(s) input 

Help Icon: Contact Support or Chat with us

Profile Icon
gives you access to set personal preferences for items like Log-in credentials, Notifications and Starting (Landing) Page.

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