Ready to collect all of your Plan and Item Insights? Presentations make it easy to have a team or cross-functional meeting.

After you've sent all the necessary Insights to the Plan that the Presentation relates to, start by navigating to Presentations under the 'More' option in the navigation bar. 

Once you've arrived, click 'New Presentation'. Enter a name for your Presentation and click the Create button to start building!

On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see the 'Insights For Review' section, which will show you all of the Insights from Plans and Items that have been sent to your Plan for Presentation. These tiles are draggable and form the basis of your Presentation. 

You can start by moving the Insight tile to the right-hand side to start building, or click on the 'New Section' button to create a container of Insights. Think of these Sections as groupings of Insights according the flow of your presentation. Our default areas are:

  • Critical Discussion Updates/Key Updates
  • Milestones (next two weeks)
  • Opportunities/Lessons Learned
  • Risks
  • Help/Support/Decisions Needed
  • Custom

Some teams use custom sections to organize by other topics, functions, or teams (if in a multi-team meeting).

To customize the sections, click on the widget in the top left of the section. Here you'll be able to change things like section border color, font color, and border/printing options. 

Continue to drag and drop Insights to these sections. Edit the formatting or text any of the Insights by clicking on the pencil icon that is visible once you hover on the Insight tile. If you want to add a free text area (to add an agenda, or any type of extra media/text/links/tables, click the widget icon again and select 'Add Free Text Area'.

Once you're ready to present in full screen, click 'Start Presentation' in the top right!

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