Activities are the tasks and meetings that individuals are responsible for in order to execute against the company's strategic Projects and Plans. 

Activities is designed to: 

  • Enable individuals to link their tasks and meetings to Projects that Individuals participate in or own. By linking these tasks and meetings to Projects, individuals can attribute their time and effort to the work that leaders need them to execute and complete. 
  • Empower individuals to quickly plan & prioritize their tasks and meetings efficiently to manage their daily workload. This is done by dragging and dropping task and meetings tiles into a priority order in the Daily List.

Why Activities matters:

  • Activities is the area of the tool that allows for individuals to make effective decisions about their own priorities and bandwidth based on the amount of available time in their day, deadlines, and the priority of Projects that they are working on. 
  • Information that is shared on tasks and meetings by individuals flows up to the Projects that are linked to the task or meeting. This information can influence the work being executed at the high-order level.

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