Linkages are the connections between Projects on Plan Overviews. 

Linkages are created when a Plan Editor links one Project to another on the Plan Overview page. 

In order to be linked within a Plan Overview, a Project must be created within the Plan itself or dragged and dropped into the Plan from the Unlinked List. These Unlinked Projects were previously created by Project Owners who selected to have the Project support that particular Plan. 

Project Linkages Page

The Linkages tab visualizes how a Project is related to other Projects that have been connected in a Plan (often within a strategic framework). This page provides Project Owners and Participants with the context they need to understand how their work is connected cross-functionally in the organization. 

Project Owners and Participants can add or remove the connection between their Project and Plans from this page by selecting the Edit Plans button on the page. 

Plans can be added by searching for the Plan name in the typeahead that appears:

Note: Once a new Plan is connected to a Project, the Project appears in the Unlinked list of that Plan Overview. Only the Plan Owner and Editors can link that Project into the Plan.

Plans can be removed from Projects by selecting the X next to the Plan name in the typeahead. 

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