The text editor in Insights has several options for formatting your text.

Text Styling
The text editor offers the following options for styling your text: 

  • Bold 
  • Italics 
  • Strikethrough
  • Underline

Bulleted & Numbered Nested Lists 

You can create bulleted or numbered list using the icons in the text editor pane on the Insight. 

Return (Enter) and Tab will nest the list, or you can use the indent and outdent icons to nest the list.


  1. The text editor in the CrossLead Platform supports six levels in a nested list with bullets or numbers. After 6 levels, the last bullet or number will continue to be used for the following lines. The user can use the outdent icon in the text editor to return to a higher-order level in the list.
  2. In a non-bulleted or non-numbered nested list, tabbing after 6 levels will return the cursor to the far-left margin to begin a new list.
  3. The Return (Enter) keyboard control will delete a bullet or a number on a line if there is no text.

Copied & Pasted Text 

Formatted text that is copied and then pasted from another application will render as free text in the text box of an Insight. This means that indentation will not persist when the text is pasted.

You can quickly re-nest a pasted list in the text box by using the indent & outdent icons or the Tab and Return keyboard shortcuts.


You can upload an image to your Insight by clicking the image icon in the text editor pane. 

Once you've inserted the selected image into the body of the Insight, you can click to drag the corners of the image to resize. 


It is possible to add a hyperlink to text by highlighting the intended text and clicking the link icon in the text editor pane. Then, paste or type the URL into the field that appears. Finally, click Save to apply your hyperlink.

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